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Recruitment Services

Primary Care Roles

We understand that every practice has its unique requirements. Therefore, we pre-screen all professionals to ensure we have a pool of specialists ready to hire. Partner with us and save time.


With our streamlined recruitment services, we can quickly help you fill the roles you require at your surgery, practice, or hospital.


Whether you are searching for a committed and competent healthcare professional for your team, or you are a qualified individual seeking new opportunities within Primary Care, we have you covered. Fernbank Healthcare is a platform designed to connect companies with top-tier talent and vice versa.

The roles we have available range from permanent and locum GP positions to paramedic and technician roles. We cater for jobs across the healthcare spectrum, from Physician Associate roles to Pharmacy Technicians.

Searching for Primary Care Professionals or Roles?

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Recruitment Roles Provided In Primary Care

Healthcare Assistant

General Practise Nurse

Clinical Pharmacist

Pharmacy Technician

Salaried GP

Locum GP

Physicians Associate

Advanced Clinical Practitioners

Primary Care Paramedic

Your Position
Hospital Corridors

Exploring Primary Care Roles

The backbone of primary care, healthcare assistants offer essential support to wider healthcare teams, ensuring the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. Prioritising patient well-being, Practice Nurses play a crucial role, contributing significantly to the holistic care of individuals. Clinical Pharmacists, experts in drug therapy, enhance medication management, thereby elevating the standard of patient care. Finally, the seamless operation of a pharmacy relies on the expertise of Pharmacy Technicians, who with their strong pharmaceutical knowledge, streamline processes to ensure the efficient functioning of the healthcare ecosystem. Together, these healthcare professionals form a cohesive and collaborative network, dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality care within the realm of Primary Care.

Inter-Connective Primary Care Roles

In the intricate capacity of Primary Care, Salaried GPs stand as the bedrock, bringing not only their extensive medical expertise but also an unparalleled commitment to patient care. Their unwavering dedication forms the foundation upon which a practice thrives. In moments of transition or temporary cover, Locum GPs seamlessly integrate into teams, showcasing adaptability and swiftly meeting the unique needs of a practice.


Acting as a bridge between medicine and patient care, Physician Associates combine medical knowledge with patient-centred skills, facilitating a holistic approach to healthcare.


Meanwhile, Advanced Clinical Practitioners, with a wealth of experience, embody a commitment to delivering first-class care, enriching the quality of services provided. In critical situations, the agile and experienced Paramedic becomes paramount, making life-saving decisions that can make all the difference.

Simplify your job search and get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the roles available. Simply call us, email us or complete a contact form and a recruitment consultant will be in touch.

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